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Small Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom in Austin

The bathroom is a place for relaxation where we can have a rest after a busy day. Contemporary bathrooms can help to build up your strength and recharge your vitality whenever you need it.

In the recent past a bathroom was allocated undeservedly small space in the house, and almost nobody paid any attention to its design. A range of dark and light-colored tiles was considered to be the traditional color combination. Unfortunately, this interior did not please your eye, and was unlikely to lift your spirits.

Pictures and Images of Contemporary Bathrooms

Nowadays everything has changed. New trends in design help to create a contemporary bathroom full of comfort and style. There are a lot of design ideas that will transform your bathroom into a real paradise.

The modern world offers a rich variety of different goods for the proper, harmonious and beautiful contemporary bathroom designs for all tastes and purses. There are many various accessories that can help you to create modern atmosphere in your bathroom. Luxury contemporary bathrooms are not only to be found on the pages of fashionable design magazines; it has become a reality to create contemporary bathroom design in every single bathroom.

With the right approach, any bathroom, regardless of its size, can have its stylish individuality. There are quite a number of contemporary bathroom designs for small spaces. The most important thing is to combine beauty and comfort.

The color palette of bathroom is often chosen so that it does not contradict the basic color palette of the apartment or house. However, it is a good idea to make your bathroom unique, independent from the overall house design. Traditional and contemporary bathrooms allow such experiments.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

In many houses and apartments bathrooms are small. This problem can be solved. Of course, you can move the walls and increase the space at the expense of surrounding premises, but this is expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient.

There are many interesting contemporary bathroom ideas of how to visually expand the space in a small bathroom. One of them is using monochrome decor. This does not mean that all items must be of the same color – choose one color as a base and use the most of its hues. Dazzling pure white color efficiently expands the space.

Contemporary Bathroom Furniture

You can change the design of your bathroom with the help of furniture. Nowadays you can easily buy furniture of various styles and sizes. It is extremely important to properly locate it in the bathroom to make as much free space as possible. This can be achieved by installing a vanity – a hand basin built into a wood covered or tiled top. Vanities usually have a built-in cupboard below it, which is very convenient. You also can choose from different sinks design faucets and faucets types.

Small-sized furniture in light colors perfectly reflects light and elegantly matches with snow-white sanitary ware.

Many people forget about the space located above the door opening, it also can be effectively used. You can install decorative shelves there and use them for cosmetics or household items such as detergents, toilet paper, sponges and other things.

If there your bathroom is combined with a toilet, it is then extremely relevant to visually divide the room. It is possible to achieve by using tiles of different colors, by multi-level ceiling and other partitions. It is also possible to set zone boundaries with furniture.

To maximize space it is better to use a shower cubicle than a bath tub.

Lighting and Mirrors in the Bathroom Design

It is necessary to approach the issue of lighting competently. The smaller is the bathroom, the more lighting should be there. This will make it look more spacious.

The perfect place for light fixtures is on the walls. If possible lights should not be reflected in the mirror. A great idea is to have adjustable lighting. Then it is easy to create an atmosphere of relaxation by reducing lighting brightness.

The design of a bathroom can also be supplemented with mirrors. You can decorate a part of a wall with a beautiful mirror in a frame with extraordinary decor. Mirrors can be embedded in the ceiling or you can make a mirror plinth with neon lights.

If there is a window in the bathroom, it is better to place the mirror in front of the window. You can decorate it on the perimeter with small light bulbs; it is convenient and adds modern style.

Ideas for Ceiling and Floor

Pay particular attention to the ceiling. The best option, which will give the room depth and space, will be stretch ceiling. Moreover it is not only beautiful, but also practical, which is important. Stretch ceiling in conjunction with proper lighting will create an original design of your bathroom.

Light color of the ceiling, designed along with the overall color palette, will visually make the ceiling higher. An interesting option would be to use a variety of paintings on the ceiling, for example, the sky that will give a sense of infinity, light and peace.

Keep in mind that empty floor gives the effect of spaciousness. So if your bathroom is small keep your floor free from unnecessary objects. You can put there floor mats or small rugs and that will be enough.

Remember the golden rule: do not overdo with accessories for contemporary bathroom. Too many of them even if they are very stylish will spoil the overall image of modern contemporary bathrooms. But don’t neglect them fully. Several items in the chosen color palette will contribute to the whole design.

Thus it is important to pay attention to each and every detail, in order to visually enlarge the space in small contemporary bathrooms and to give it a feeling of freedom and lightness. Remember that unforgettable design in traditional contemporary bathrooms is not always a matter of money, but often is a matter of your imagination. The right approach, the presence of imagination and decorating ideas are the key factors to successful realization of your ideal bathroom design.

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