Austin Electricians & Electrical Service

Welcome to the home of the best electrical service you’ll find in the region! We’re committed to giving you the kind of full electrical service that you deserve, and offer every type of electrical installation you will need.

One of the most important professionals who will work on your home is an electrician. While carpenters are in charge of the frame and trim, and roofers are in charge of ensuring your home is leak-free, electricians are in charge of providing you with the electrical setup you require to enjoy your time in your home. Furthermore, they are in charge of ensuring that your home is properly wired. Finding a good electrical contractor is critical, and we are committed to providing the industry’s highest level of professional service.

We provide everything you could need in terms of electrical work including:

  • New home wiring
  • Breaker box replacement
  • Remodel wiring
  • New fixture installation
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Safety light installation
  • Indoor and outdoor wiring
  • And more

Residential Electrical Services

Your home is made up of a lot of different things, and one of the most important is your electricity. It’s something that is often taken for granted, but anyone who has had electrical work done knows that it’s important to get the best level of service at the best price. That’s why finding the right electrical contractor is so important.

For years, we’ve been offering the best residential electrical services that money can buy. No matter what your specific needs are, we’re here to help. Our services include:

  • New Home Wiring Installation
  • Remodel Wiring
  • Repair or Replacement
  • Troubleshooting
  • Breaker Box Replacement or Repair
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Fixture Installation, Repair, or Replacement
  • And More

No matter what the specific task may be, we approach it with a commitment to excellence and to customer service. If you’re unsure that we’re the right company for your needs, remember the following things that help set us apart when it comes to residential electrical services.

  • Estimates – We know that it can be confusing to understand everything that goes into an electrical installation. That’s why when we provide an estimate, we explain everything in clear and easy to understand language. We’ll point out different issues that may need to be addressed, explain your options, and then give you a fair, reasonable estimate that will be very accurate in terms of the final price of the job.
  • Skilled Workers – Every home is different, and brings with it unique work and challenges. From wiring access to breaker box type to the type of fixtures being installed, there are always differences on every job. Our employees are used to dealing with virtually any situation, and we hire only the best electricians in the field today. That means that you’ll get the kind of quality work you deserve.
  • Devotion – One of the biggest problems in the industry today is a lack of devotion to a job. One of the number one complaints we hear from our clients is that their old electrical contractor started a job and then vanished for weeks at a time, leaving them with a half-finished electrical installation. This can throw your entire life into disarray, whether it’s a new install or a remodel. Once we show up, we stay on the job until we’re done. We know how important your home is to you, and we do everything we can to complete the job quickly so that you can start enjoying it.
  • Professional – We’re fully licensed and completely insured . That may seem like an obvious point to make, but the fact is that there are a lot of electricians out there who work without proper certification or insurance. Your home deserves to be protected, and hiring an electrician without insurance is putting your home at serious risk. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, and this is one issue you don’t have to worry about with us.

If you have any type of electrical job in your home that needs to be completed, give us a call. We treat every job as if it were the most important thing in the world, whether it’s just the installation of a single light fixture or a brand new wiring job in a new home.

Commercial Electrical Services

When it comes to electrical work , no two jobs are the same. This is easily true when dealing with commercial electrical work, which holds a wide range of challenges that residential jobs often don’t have. Still, commercial work needs to be taken care of and we believe in providing the same high level of service when we handle a commercial job that we would offer when doing any other type of installation.

Commercial electrical needs are diverse, and we can handle any of them. Among the different jobs we’re happy to take on are:

  • New commercial construction wiring installation
  • Security light installation
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Commercial renovation and remodeling wiring
  • Breaker box repair or reinstallation
  • And more

These are all similar to our residential electrical services, but there’s no question that commercial jobs are unique and carry additional challenges with them. This is why we use only skilled employees who understand the different hurdles they’ll have to clear when working in a commercial setting. Here’s a look at some of the different things we deal with on a regular basis. They’re all things we’re happy to remember when working on any commercial job, and are also points that many other electrical contractors fail to consider.

  • For starters, commercial installations are far larger than residential ones. Thousands or even millions of feet of electrical wire are run in major commercial installs. Thousands of outlets and hundreds of light fixtures and switches are also common. These jobs can be huge, but our electricians are able to handle this increase in size and scale and deliver high quality results no matter the size.
  • Commercial jobs often have various compliance issues, as well. Insurance, licensure, and other factors will come into play in a big way, and it’s important to follow all state or federal laws during any installation no matter how large or small. We’re fully insured and licensed and are capable of meeting any legal compliance issue on a commercial job.
  • Depending on the job and the business, additional rules may need to be followed. Our electricians are used to working on jobs that require different steps be taken. Whether it’s special hours, following security protocols during work, or any other special consideration, we’re more than happy to do what needs to be done to keep our customers happy and follow their guidelines when at work.
  • Safety is always important, but it can become even more vital on a commercial job. That’s because these jobs frequently involve additional risks. Things like much greater heights, hazardous environments, and the scale of the job can all bring added risks with them. Our workers focus on safety every day, and when they begin a job they will keep their safety in mind to ensure that the unthinkable doesn’t happen.

Not all electrical jobs are the same and not all electricians are the same. No matter what your company is or what your specific electrical needs may be, finding the best possible company to help get the job done is important. We offer a full range of commercial electrical services and we do so while remaining professional and keeping our commitment to quality work and top-level customer service in place. If you need any type of commercial electrical work done, call us for the best your money can buy.

Customer Service
We operate under a pledge to provide top of the line customer service that impresses our clients in a big way. This includes a lot of different components including:

  • Providing a fair, honest quote that won’t change
  • Commitment to answering all questions and addressing all concerns
  • Finishing every job we start, and staying on the job until the customer is satisfied
  • Addressing any issues that the customer feels need to be addressed.

We value every one of our clients, whether we’re doing a minor remodeling job or a huge new home installation. You deserve to be treated in a way that reflects just how important you are, and all of our employees take huge steps to do just that.

All of the previously mentioned points help to show our customers why it is that we’re an electrical contracting company with a difference. Your home is important to you, and it’s important to us as well. Here’s a quick rundown of just why we’re leading the way in making our customers so satisfied.

  • We’re fully licensed and insured
  • All of our electricians are highly skilled in every aspect of electrical installation and repair
  • We value customer service and believe in treating the customer fairly
  • We regularly train our electricians in new techniques and the use of new tools to improve their ability to serve our clients
  • We give every job the same high level of attention, whether it’s a large installation or a minor fixture replacement
  • We stay on the job until it’s finished instead of leaving you with a half-finished installation for weeks at a time
  • We offer every type of electrical service you may need
  • We refuse to cut corners
  • Our free estimate is a fair, accurate one that won’t change unless a major issue arises that is out of our control, at which point we’ll discuss the situation with you

Simply put, we’re the best electrical contractor you can find for your money. Our devotion to workmanship, customer service, and quality is the reason that we’ve built a reputation for professionalism in the region. If you want an electrical contractor you can trust, we’re here for you.

Electrician FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions, and to make things a little easier for our clients we’ve compiled a short list of some of the most common ones for you to review. If these don’t answer your question, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any question you have.

Q. One of my breakers keeps tripping. What’s going on?

A. A tripping breaker could be a sign of any number of things, and we simply can’t answer questions of this nature over the phone or online. Frayed wires, an improper connection at a fixture, a bad breaker, and a wide range of other problems may be causing the breaker to trip. We can narrow down the problem and correct it for you, but as for figuring it out without being on-site, it’s hard to say.

Q. How does your estimate process work?

A. Some companies just try to measure a home’s square footage and then multiply that amount by a base price to give you an estimate. We don’t feel that provides the best estimate. Electrical jobs involve a lot of different things, and we believe in considering each of them before giving you a price. We’ll take measurements and then consider other issues including material prices, fixture installation, and more. This way we’ll give an accurate estimate. In most cases our estimate will be incredibly close or exactly what the final bill is.

Q. What if I change my mind about something or if a problem arises? Will it change my bill?

A. This really depends on the issue at hand. Minor changes probably won’t influence the price of your installation , but major changes or problems could. If something comes up, our electricians will talk to you about it and explain the ramifications so that you understand what it will do to your price.

Q. How quickly can you repair my problem?

A. Again, it’s hard to judge something like this without being there to look at the issue. In most cases, minor problems can be sorted out in a few hours or a day at most. If a major issue is causing the problem, it could take longer.

Q. My neighbor’s cousin offered to do my work for a case of beer. Why should I hire you?

A. You wouldn’t let some random, unskilled person perform surgery on you, so why would you trust an amateur to handle your wiring? We’re fully insured and employ only the best electricians in the field. When you hire us, you get quality results and full protection from our insurance. You won’t’ get that from an amateur, no matter what they promise.