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A home should be safe place for a family to live, whether it is a house, an apartment, a condo or a town house. Pests can make a home unsafe and uncomfortable. There is no reason that residents should have to put up with these unwelcome visitors!

Pest Control Services offers the solution to any home pest problem . Pest Control Services professionals are experts when it comes to making a home pest free. They can help take back a home from the grips of nasty pests, and make sure that these pests don’t return.

Pest Control Services uses environment friendly methods. There is no need to worry about harming the environment with pest control services . Pest Control Services will completely eliminate pests from the home without harming the environment, or making the home an unsafe place.

Pest Control Services pest control services are affordable. There is no need to worry about the cost of pest control. Pest Control Services can work out a plan that can fit any budget. There is no reason to live in a pest filled home due to financial concerns. Pest Control Services will eliminate pests and break their hold on the home without breaking the bank.

There are dozens of nasty pests that are itching to invade homes .

  • Pests like rodents and ants are attracted to food crumbs dropped on the floor or the counter that people might not even see.
  • Some ants and wasps are attracted to the wood in a home and can cause a great deal of property damage.
  • Bed bugs are becoming an awful problem in homes and apartments , and can come into the home on visitors or even residents themselves!
  • Still other pests like raccoons and skunks can be attracted by garbage cans in the backyard, causing a horrible mess.

With all these pests just waiting to cause serious problems in the home, homeowners should be worried! A pest problem can cause property damage that lowers the value of a home. Pests make a home less safe, and compromise cleanliness.

Pest control is no job for amateurs. Homeowners may think they can handle the problem themselves. These people end up wasting hours and spending a lot of money on products that can’t fully solve a pest problem. They run the risk of pests not being properly eliminated. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on pest control products only to have pests return a few days or weeks later!

Pest Control Services provides expert and professional pest control . Satisfaction is guaranteed, and their fast and professional service is sure to solve any pest problem . Pest Control Services offers same day service, so pest problems can be taken care of as soon as they are identified. This helps prevent property damage, and can prevent a nasty infestation by nipping it in the bud.

Pest Control Services is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for all residential services . There is no reason to suffer with pests when Pest Control Services can offer a fast, eco-friendly and affordable solution to any pest problem .

The professionals at Pest Control Services are pest control experts, and are sure to safely and effectively solve any pest problem in the home for good. Remember that satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for all residential services.

Mice Removal

Mice and Rats spread diseases, create foul odors, chew through electrical wiring or wood, contaminate food, cause serious damage to buildings , build nests and burrows, and generally become a nuisance to everyone in your home or office!

Mice and rats activity is seldom observed during daylight hours, hence it is important to recognize signs of infestation, such as droppings, urination stains, greasy smear marks, gnawings, short circuiting, sounds, nests, excitement of pets, odor, food missing and burrows. Mice and rats can be found in subfloor areas, garden areas, living, kitchen and garbage areas, as well as roof cavities, outbuildings and behind electrical appliances or equipment .

Correct identification of your rodents is an important part of implementing an effective eradication and control program for the removal of any type of rats or mice. With over 10 years experience we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results. By using Pest Control Services you can rest assured that all of our mice and rat control and treatment methods are environmentally friendly and most of all effective. There is no need to leave home, so you enjoy minimum disruption to your regular home life. We arrive on time and leave your home exactly the way we found it.

Bed Bugs Removal

Bed Bugs are a public health pest that has plagued mankind for centuries. In recent times there has been a resurgence of this pest, in particular in hostels and hotels around the world; bed bug control must be an ongoing activity for many businesses and homes .

Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices during normal daylight hours. They favor places close to a food source. Heavy infestations will hide in more exposed places, for example, behind loose wallpaper, behind pictures on the wall, under doors and window frames, and in lighting fixtures. Bed bug control strategies focus on this type of environment.

Bed bugs are a major pest of motels, hotels, restaurants, boats, trains, and private homes or apartments . Their bites cause irritation and even allergic reactions, while the stigma associated with their presence can cause loss of income in accommodation premises through both bad reputation and having rooms out of service. Bed bug control is an ongoing activity for accommodation premises .

High reproductive rate, in combination with the ability to survive long periods of time without feeding make them extremely hardy and bed bug control difficult . Because they harbor in cracks and crevices they can be well concealed. The fact that their choice of hosts is very selective and feed while the host is not mobile is a weakness that can be exploited in a bed bug control program.

Proper management and bed bug control can only be achieved through a team effort between you and your pest control technician. Our treatment strategies involve a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods – some of which require your participation to ensure successful eradication.

Bed bugs have become a serious problem for apartment buildings . All it takes is one resident to bring bed bugs home with them, and all of a sudden the whole building is in danger! Once in the building bed bugs can travel from room to room in clothing. Keep apartment buildings safe from bed bugs! Pest Control Services has fast and effective solutions for dealing with these and other nasty pests.

Cockroach Removal

American cockroach adults grow to an average length of around 4 centimeters, and about 7 millimeters tall. They are reddish brown and have a yellowish margin on the body region behind the head. Immature cockroaches resemble adults except that they are wingless. The insect can travel quickly, often darting out of sight when someone enters a room, and can fit into small cracks and under doors despite its fairly large size.

It is considered one of the fastest running insects. It has a pair of large compound eyes each having over 2000 individual lenses, and is a very active night insect that shuns light. Cockroaches are a high risk pest to have in your home or business . They carry a range of serious illnesses and the risk is particularly high in homes with children, the elderly or those fighting illnesses. Cockroach droppings have even been implicated as being a contributing factor leading to childhood asthma.

Cockroaches Can…

  1. Spread disease by transporting bacteria and organisms from sewers and other unsanitary sources to food and food handling surfaces and utensils.
  2. Seriously harm the reputation of a business. The appearance of Cockroaches in the public areas of a business can cause a huge loss of goodwill. Even your staff can find the presence of Cockroaches quite repulsive.
  3. Contaminate food with their droppings, their dead casts (outer skeleton) discarded Cockroach egg cases even dead Cockroaches and vomit marks.
  4. Cause unpleasant odors due to secretions from their mouths and outer shell. These are particularly severe when large populations are present.

Signs of Cockroach Activity Include

  • Cockroach droppings resemble pepper and larger droppings of around 2mm can have ridges along their sides and have blunt ends
  • Cockroaches cast off their outer body or skeleton during their life and you may notice these in various areas around your home or building.
  • Some cockroaches will eat food that has not been properly stored and vomit back onto the food.

Several cockroach pest species occur in a variety of domestic and commercial premises . Identification of each species and knowledge of each species habits are essential to best determine likely harborage areas and an effective pest control program.

Raccoon Removal

Living with a raccoon problem can be frustrating. These out of control critters have been known to chew through electrical wire and timber, causing great expense, while their droppings and urine can present a health risk.

We specialize in the humane catching and removal of problem raccoons. All of our technicians are highly skilled and trained and we can come out to your home or business right away and install traps and catching techniques to get rid of your raccoon problem once and for all. You can guarantee our trained professionals will be on time and handle your raccoon humanely. Our raccoon catching staff are highly trained and qualified to handle any size raccoon infestation from a single raccoon to a whole family of raccoons.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels will eat a great variety of native foods and adapt quickly to unusual food sources. Typically, they feed on wild tree fruits and nuts in fall and early winter. Acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts and orange fruits are favorite fall foods. Squirrels will take nuts and cache them for later use. If there is a population peak and food is scarce, squirrels may chew bark from a variety of trees. A squirrel control company in will keep all of this in mind as they help you plan strategies to keep these animals from destroying your property.

If you are attempting to squirrel proof your bird feeders, keep in mind that some birds are more nervous than others. So while you should keep the feeder away from any launch points the squirrels might be able to reach, birds appreciate cover within twelve to twenty feet of the feeder. Squirrel control companies are excellent for providing you with expert advice to keep the pesky varmints away. Color might also be the answer: some studies suggest that squirrels don’t like the color red since the red headed woodpecker is the natural enemy of the squirrel, competing for similar grounds. By adding red to your backyard color scheme , you may be able to render your bird feeders squirrel proof.

If squirrels are damaging your trees and shrubbery, you can use a wide collar made of sheet metal or Plexiglas. Make the sheet metal about two feet wide and position it around the bottom of the tree, making sure to leave enough room for tree growth. Another way to keep squirrels from damaging trees is to cut branches off the tree. Squirrel control companies can come out to your property and view the squirrel population. Suggestions and pointers can be recommended on how to control what is happening in your yard.

Squirrel infestations need to be taken very seriously. If you think you have a squirrel control problem then contact Pest Control Services today and we will send a professional out to your premises to effectively help you assess your squirrel situation. The most common complaint associated with squirrels is noise. Squirrels are rowdy creatures, especially during mating season. Generally, squirrels will begin to scurry around, looking for food at first light.

Ant Removal

Ants are a social insect that have a developed caste system where individuals are responsible for specialized duties. Ant colonies can be found almost anywhere including-kitchens, roof voids, lawns, gardens, timber, rockeries etc. Ants are fussy feeders but can feed on almost anything consumed by humans. Different ants like different foods – preferring fats & oils, proteins or sugars.

When ants find food, they leave an invisible chemical trail, called “pheromone”, so that other ants can find their way from the nest to the food source. These “trails” of ants are very persistent even in extended periods of wet weather. Simply killing the ants you see still leaves this scent trail for the others in the nest to follow. Ants can damage furnishings, curtains and carpets. They are not only an unpleasant sight but can also damage food used for human consumption.

Commercial Pest Removal Services

Pest problems can be a death sentence for any business . Once a business has a reputation for pest problems, that reputation can be hard to shake even once the problem is taken care of.

Pest problems should be handled as soon as they are noticed. Customers hate to see pests in any business . Pest Control Services can make sure they never see any pests.

The professionals at Pest Control Services are experts when it comes to commercial pest control . They offer same day service. This means that as soon as the problem is identified, Pest Control Services can be on site that same day to solve the problem. They’re available any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pest Control Services also offers after-hours services. This means that there is no need to shut down during business hours for them to do their work. It also means discretion: since they can come at night when no one is around, your customers won’t ever see them. Customers will never know there was a pest problem in the first place.

Pest Control Services offers services to any kind of business .

Grocery stores can be plagued with mice or rodents in storage spaces. These rodents can ruin stock and cause a great deal of property damage. Plus any customers that spot them will surely think twice before shopping there again. Pest Control Services can safely and effectively remove these rodents with eco-friendly methods.

Restaurant kitchens can have problems with cockroaches. These nasty pests hide in hard to clean areas and severely compromise the cleanliness of a kitchen. Roaches can ruin a restaurant during a health inspection, and all it takes is for one customer to hear about a roach problem to create an outrage among diners. Pest Control Services can come in after hours and solve any roach problem quickly. They can be on site the same day they are called, and will professionally remove roaches or any other pests from a restaurant.

Hotels and motels are having more problems with bed bugs now than ever before. Bed bugs cause awful skin irritation for guests, and can ruin the reputation of any hotel or motel. Pest Control Services has effective and eco-friendly methods for taking care of any bed bug problem of any size. Let Pest Control Services help keep guests safe and happy with their professional pest control skills.

Pest Control Services also offers special rodent control packages for warehouses and storage areas . Rodents destroy stock and damage property, and Pest Control Services can eliminate them to keep stored materials safe.

Pest Control Services offers affordable service for any budget. Remember, pests can damage stock and hurt the reputation of any business, making it hard to make money. These pests are essentially stealing money straight out of the pockets of hardworking business owners!

Take action and take advantage of Pest Control Services’s affordable pest control services. They are bound to save any business a great deal of money by taking care of any pest problem quickly and effectively.

Pest Control Services also offers odor control services to any and all businesses . As much as customers hate to see pests, some hate foul odors even more. Odors can build up in kitchens from food preparation or in hotels and motels from smoking. Whatever the odor, Pest Control Services can eliminate it and keep any business from being pestered by foul odor.

Pest Control Services completely guarantees satisfaction. They are trained professionals and will quickly respond to any pest problem with an effective and eco-friendly solution. Businesses can rest assured that Pest Control Services will solve any pest or odor problem quickly, completely and affordably. There is no reason to suffer with pests in a business.

Pest Control Services is sure to take care of any commercial pest problem . Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

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