Austin Roof Repair

Damage to roofs can come in all types of shapes and sizes. We at Austin Roofing Service specialize in fixing all varieties of roof repair issues. From small to large, we’re able to handle it all. Our team of roofing contractors is highly experienced when it comes to roof repairs. At Austin Roofing Contractors, we always make sure that each and every roof repair project is done thoroughly and meticulously. We always go out of our way to make sure our valued customers satisfied with the work we do.

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Roof Leak Repair

If you have a leaking roof, we know that you want to call a roofing contractor that you can trust. We at Austin Roofing Service specialize in roof leak repair. Our team of dedicated roofing contractors is highly skilled when it comes to fixing leaking roofs. We have years of experience in resolving leaking roof issues, and it shows in the work that we do. We’re always sure to be able to fix any and all of your leaking roof issues in an effective and efficient manner.

Major Roof Repairs

Major roof damage can happen at any time to your home or commercial roof. At Austin Roof Repair Company, our roofing contractors are always ready and available to come out to your location to resolve your roof repair issues at any time. We specialize in fixing major roof repair issues. From major weather damage to leaking roofs, we can fix it all. At Austin Roofing Service, we always put the needs of our valued customers first. Our roofing contractors are always sure to do a great job when it comes to solving your major roof repair issues.


Minor Roof Repairs

Sometimes even minor roof repair issues require the help of professionals. At Austin Roofing Service, our roofing contractors are always dedicated to providing their utmost best in each and every minor roof repair job that they take on. From repairing small holes to fixing minor leaks, we can fix all of your minor roof repair issues. Our team of roofing contractors has years of experience when it comes to all things related to roof repair, and it always shows in the work that they complete. We’re able to take care of your weather damage-related roof repair issues and your wear and tear roof repair issues. At Austin Roof Repair Service, we’re sure to be able to meet any and all of your minor roof repair needs.


Providing quality roof repair service at all times is something that we excel at Austin Roofing Service. Our team of roofing contractors is dedicated to delivering their utmost best in each and every roof repair project that they take on. We always go out of our way to please our valued customers with quality roofing service. We want to make sure that you’re always satisfied during the entire roof repair process. From major roof repair to minor roof repair, we’ve always got you covered. Whatever your roof repair needs, Austin Roofing Service is sure to be meet them.

Why Our Local Roofers Are The Best

Before we connect you with the best local roofers, we have to find the best local roofers. Our first step to this process is evaluating local roofers in your area online. This means pulling together all the social media posts, reviews, and comments online that we can find and determined the top 5 rated roofers based on our research. At this point we then interview these roofers, asking to speak with their clients and look over their portfolios.

By entering your information, we connect you directly to the best roofers in your local area, so you can compare free roofing estimates.

Here Are A Few Testimonials Of The Best Roofers

These are just samples, the best roofing contractors you are connected with will provide project specific testimonials.


“They provide great roofing service, all with a guarantee. They also provide a free, no obligation quote, and a quick response. Great service and terrific job done.”
Maya Lawrence


“Blake fixed my leak in my chimney for a quarter of the price of 2 other quotes. He was reliable and it was a pleasure to deal with him. Recommend him to anyone.”
Fred Middleton


“The company arrived on time and did a very professional job, the roofing material they used was high quality and looks great. They cleaned up all the mess and left the place looking like new. Great job.”
Charles Garcia


“We found Ted and his employees great to work with. The whole process was extremely easy, from the process of getting a quote to the actual work being done. Ted was eager to answer all of our questions about the project and always got back to us very quickly.”
Mike Henderson


“Highly recommend this company…had a complex situation which they solved quickly and affordably. Won’t hesitate to use again.”
Meredith Hutchisonn


“We chose this company after much research online. Patrick and his crew were friendly and considerate, very professional and worked diligently, and the house was cleaned each evening when they left. The quality of their work was excellent and I would definitely use them again if needed. Highly recommended.”
Kade Thomas